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  • Megan Nguyen

Coaching to win.

Updated: Jan 15

Think of me as the inspector gadget to your goals. Combining my extensive training in clinical psychology, research in cognitive sciences (how the brain works...or doesn't), versatile teaching experiences with all age ranges- we will form a unique plan for your goals and aspirations.

We'll get straight to work on discovering your WHY. The WHY will lead you to the WHAT (you want). My role is to facilitate the HOW (to get there). Hello, my name is Dr. Megan Nguyen, and I am your WHO for this journey.

WE beging with a new introduction to who you are today, in this moment: NOW. You've changed. Oh boy, yes you have. You've shed off skin and grew new patches. Now it's time to reacclimatize yourself to this new environment in which you're building change.

Are you ready for your new beginning?

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