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What's in a name (of business branding)?

Updated: Jan 24

Creating a brand is much more than forming a business name or the colors to a logo design. The heart of it all is establishing a clear values list. If it's not organized to/for you, how could it be for those you attempt to serve?

Some business owners may strive to keep the professional + personal profiles separate. In the coaching industry, I view intersectionality as essential. What we do as coaches is a privilege. We’re invited into intimate spaces of our clients' lives. Trusted with guiding + collaboratively instilling change in their lives, never underestimate the power of relationship building. Without authenticity, real trust is nearly impossible to build.

People don’t work with copy + paste formulas. Each human's problems/struggles/challenges are unique to their own path. Start by sharing parts of your story. The focus of sharing your authenticity provides courage for your client to engage in trial & error. Remember, through this process, the focus is on the service you wish to provide.

-What’s important to you, as a human?

-How do you want to lead this business?

-Why is your business important for clients?

-What are things you hope for your clients to obtain?

-What’s your approach in getting them there?

>>> Next, MERGE the answers to these questions.

It takes brainstorming.

It takes thorough, honest thinking.

It takes focused time.

Trust your gut. You know the answers.

Golden Sheep Life Coaching was build based on these key values:


Achievement: Skills


Follow along as I break down each in upcoming posts.

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