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A rewind on ambition.

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

"Olivia" graduated with a biochemical engineering degree. Accepted a hospital research position to balance paying the bills and applying to her ultimate dream- medical school. "I'm going to be a doctor", she promised herself.

Olivia was grateful for her current job. It provided income and space to work on application materials. Best of both worlds. Days became weeks and holiday parties cycled through the different seasons. Three years later, Olivia was still enjoying her life. Olivia went to concerts, hiked the best national parks, ate at unique places. Yet, each time she returned from the fun, she faced the same feeling.

Olivia felt stuck.

Stuck in a loop.

Stuck in the feeling of wanting more.

Stuck with the stress of "not having enough time".

"I'm going to be a doctor" she continued to say. Olivia's desire to become a doctor never diminished. No question about it, she wanted it. Equally, there was a disconnect with her passion and motivation. I'll work on it after X thing. I can't work on it now because of X reason. Once X starts, I'll be unstoppable. I only need X and then I'll do it. As time rapidly passed, her motivation and belief in herself gradually reduced. She found herself booking for trips, self-caring even more- labeling it as "maintenance mode". Somehow, that stuck feeling, the questioning "what if?" managed to always creep back.

Olivia's story is not unique. Many are rightfully committed to the concept of their dream(s). The challenge is when the transition of a dream to goal, goal to action plan, action plan to lifestyle shift does not happen.

Many are committed to the idea of ambition rather than living the pursuit of ambition. They're two distinctively different concepts. What blurs the line is the presence of passion. You undeniably want it, you do. You believe nothing will stop you from pursuing it. It's just a matter of when. You'll get there.

Truthfully answer this: what are you actually, consistently doing about it?

Rewind. Reevaluate. Review.

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