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Life coaching value #1: Clarity.

Ever have the thought: I hate being this emotional? I don't like feeling this way? Make it go away?

It's not the emotion we despise. It's the sense of not understanding/controlling it that drives us up the wall. Experiencing the overwhelmness, not the actual feeling itself, well, sucks! Sadness, anger, disappointment, betrayal, excitement. Whatever it may be.

We can't begin to address change without obtaining true clarity. Being clear allows for intentionality to happen. When one knows their values, aka principles that remain no matter what happens in life, they become unstoppable. When one creates a concrete gameplan, troubleshooting + sticking to it becomes more attainable. Goals are achieved with accountability. They why is lasting when you know what you are, and who you are!

As your coach, I help you get there. I ask the questions you've been shying away from. You know, the ones that you're scared to answer because it may just push you out of that comfort zone. We'll reorient you to who you are now. Not who you were or aspire to be in the future. Not yet. We start with the required first step. We answer: who are you today, in this moment?

You can't play chess, if you don't know the chess board.

The sun is rising, coming into viewpoint. It's your dawn. Change is here.

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