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The fight against gratitude.

Be grateful for what you have. Other people have it much worse, at least you're not there.

Gosh, I hated those words, or anything that came close to suggesting that because I wasn't in the deep end, my struggles were dismissable. While I'm grateful for dodging imminent death, life can be hard.

It's been an eventful process in adjusting this thinking pattern. I always thought that having a grateful mindset meant replacing thoughts with a positive perspective. Insert eye roll. However, what did resonate with me was the "and" part. My challenges are hard, and I can be grateful.

Two contrasting things may exist at the same time. Allow space for all emotions + thoughts. Life is a blob of gray, not blocks of black/white.

Some thoughts I've mixed around lately:

Thought 1A: I hate the unpredictable nature of running my own business.

Thought 1B: I'm grateful that I dictate my own schedule.

Thought 2A: I'm tired of cooking for myself, it's the same foods on repeat.

Thought 2B: I'm grateful for access to fresh produce.

Thought 3A: Creating/editing content can be tedious. Why can't I only focus on coaching?

Thought 3B: I'm grateful for having knowledge to creatively share, in different forms, with others: workshops, talks, social media, blogging. Coaching can present in multiple forms.

Thought 4A: I want instant gratification to success- now.

Thought 4B: I'm grateful for the skills and capabilities (educational privilege) to give this journey a fair trial.

>>> What are your thoughts as of late?

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