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Coaches lose motivation too.

Surprise! We're human. All of us.

Life is uncertain. One can draft an intricately detailed life plan, only to be shown that the higher power/fate/God/whatever one believes to be, has another storyline. So, how to proceed with planning for success if the rug can be pulled from underneath us at any time? By knowing that no matter what happens, we'll will be okay- eventually. It may take time- longer than we wanted. It may require making mistakes, repeatedly too. It may include bending, but never breaking.

Painful experience aside, one of the hardest parts of a low funk, is pulling yourself out of it.

Sharing a few perspectives, I've gathered that have been helpful for clients (+ myself):

  1. Life moments are all temporary. Your memory of these instances may linger, but the experience itself is fleeting. This too shall pass- good/bad/in-between.

  2. Take a step away. Focus on other things for a set amount of time. You may have a fresh perspective coming back to the puzzle later.

  3. Sleep! Doing so helps with regulation of mood, concentration, memory, & overall decision making.

  4. Do something joyous. Play your favorite song. Drink your favorite beverage. Watch an old video on YouTube that made you laugh. Hug your pet. Take a hot shower.

  5. Stretch. Get those muscles/joints moving.

  6. Hunger check! When was the last time you had a nourishing meal that included: protein, fiber, fats, complex carbs? Nutritional intake impacts our mood + overall functioning!

>>> How do you un-funk yourself?

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