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  • Megan Nguyen

Chasing happy.

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Self-help books, YouTube clips, cartoons on a cereal box. The list goes on. Most of us have been there- the tireless pursuit of happiness.

Ever thought or heard others say:

Happiness should be _____.

I'll be happy if/when_____.

Being happy is _____.

I'll never be happy.

I was so happy and now it's gone.

Happiness is what you want it to be and include. Begin by looking at the present, your present. Our mind often leaps into the "where I want to be" or "where I wish I was". Instead, let's examine the data we have in hand. What things/outcomes/actions have brought you joy, thus far? Build on what's worked. The past is one of the greatest indications of where we will head next- it may be the same trajectory or a complete 180.

So, how does one start? Define what happiness has and would mean to you.

Form a vision board. Word vomit onto a page. Dare to dream. From there, we begin to welcome the possibility of reality. How? By forming a concrete plan to transition dreams to goals. Determine your first micro-step. Break your first move down to tangible and realistic pieces. Rome was not built in a day. It's fair to say your happiness project may take a few more moments too.

Let's dissolve the unrealistic facade of happiness. Speed is not the name of this game. Rather, a steady and sustainable rhythm. Happiness is not a destination, but how you embark on life's crazy journey. Perhaps it's a longer, power walk through a lush garden. Blossoming plants, with the occasional buzzing bee.

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