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Keys of life.

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Piano 🎹 . The thing I hated most in childhood years. It robbed younger me many hours of fun & freedom. While my friends played outside after school, here I was practicing long hours, daily. I had not 1 but 2 teachers: contemporary & classical theory instructors. Competition/recital seasons often filled up our weekend times. I loathed it.

The time finally came when my parents declared you’re free to discontinue competitive piano. I was able fly at last! But then…

The irony: as seasons drifted by, I found myself in shy moments on the bench before the keys. I’d play some chords & walk away. Open pages to skim Chopin only to find myself playing the verses.

Retrospectively, I realized that many of the foundational pieces to practicing piano shaped my way of coaching: diligence, practice, patience, & appreciation of the harmonies in between each note 🎼 played.

Life brings positive changes when you accept where you are + where you’ve been + the possibilities if you dive into starting. Perhaps, it requires weaving in the many parts of your story, even the ones you hated, to discover true sense of belonging & purpose.

Where? Within yourself.

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