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Change you did not plan for.

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Uncomfortable. Unnerving. Usually happen at times you don't ask for.

Change is exciting when it's intentional. But when it comes BAM out of nowhere? Phew.

They say things need to shatter for fate to take its course. Or that better things are coming.

What about the part where it is PAINFUL? Death. Heartbreak. Betrayal. Loss of an idea, potential, or hope.

Ever distrust "the process"? I have and slightly still do. Change, while needed, can suck. The phoenix burns and rises from the ashes. But what if, there are pieces that are lost in the rubble forever?

The brain goes in overdrive when this happens. As humans, we crave familiarity. Even in some of our worst decisions, we cling to the miserable idea of predictability. To "the evil" we know, rather than taking the risk to obtain "the better". Why do people stay in toxic relationships/habits? Why do people remain stuck?

Life's vow to us all: change is a constant phenomenon. It's something we can always count on. Thus, on the flip side, it's up to us to navigate it. Reflect on how you've faced adversity of change before? What worked/what didn't and why? What's your problem pattern?

Be honest and remember to give yourself grace. The kind you share with your loved ones, but seldomly grant for yourself. You're doing the best you can, in the best way you know how to.

Let's normalize the struggle of facing unwanted change. Know that it'll require work. You have the power to perceive, process, and proceed in a manner that is true to YOU. Question the process. Struggle. No matter the speed of your process, work to obtain the biggest method of control- controlling your own reactions.

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