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Welcome to your new beginning.

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

My name is Dr. Megan Nguyen. Daughter of hard-working, Asian immigrants. Lover of grapefruits and paddle boarding. Earner of a doctorate degree in Developmental Sciences from Texas A&M University. Founder of Golden Sheep Life Coaching. Provider of solution-oriented knowledge and science-rooted approaches to help you towards your goals- faster.

I never felt I belonged. As a Vietnamese-American female, I was constantly in the midst of cultural blends. I silently referred to myself as the black sheep, only hoping it would change one day. Zoom forward through the photo reel of life, I realized I was never meant to be a white or black sheep. Following a success prototype would never have landed me here today. I paved my own path using my strengths and even areas of growth. I realized I was neither black or white.

I choose to be golden. Each and every one of you, are GOLDEN.

Over the last decade, my training has extensively included clinical, research, and teaching experiences in the following areas: educational psychology, child psychology, health psychology, cognitive psychology, higher education. Using evidence-based approaches, WE will form an action plan for your goals. Like Legos, humans are assortments of shapes, sizes, and colors that provide endless possibilities of outcomes. YOU, have all the pieces needed.

This is the start of your block design. Are you ready?

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Jul 12, 2023

Dr. Golden Sheep!


Michael Guantos
Michael Guantos
Jul 12, 2023


Jul 12, 2023
Replying to

Welcome to your new beginning, Michael! Shoot me a message and let's GO.

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